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More on the Dead Tree Dinos

Well, I’m sitting here on my bed with The Herald next to me. I have to be honest: There’s not alot here for me to take back my less-than-kind words from last night’s podcast. Credit is due, however, in some aspects. I’m liking their County News briefs; they did give a fair shake to the Board on putting up money for new school buildings. They also did decent write-ups on Delegate Gilbert’s plans for the upcoming Assembly session. The sort of did a cop out, though, by simply reprinting an interview, and one that, frankly wasn’t very hard hitting. Just what new ground do you expect to break with “What bills will you be sponsoring this year?” Delegate Gilbert is a very good friend of mine, a former employer, and yes, whether or not he likes it, pretty much my political mentor. However, he’s still a public official. As journalists, the Herald has a responsibility to ask the tough questions of both sides. 

The ads were as gratuitious as I expected. There was also a surprisingly large classified section. 

I will admit to being a bit peeved that they saw a need to put Barack Obama on the front page, but hey, it’s a big story, and their local spin on the inauguration was fair enough. I was also disappointed that there was no editorial section; there was an ad for letters, but c’mon–given the mood of activist in the county right now, I hardly think there were absolutely no letters in the hopper. Also, it has been a continuous point of a disappointment over the last few editors that the editors refuse to print editorials actually focused on county news. You all are the premiere news source for the county-at least act like you care a little. 

In summary, they may be turning a corner when it comes to at least focusing on county politics, but they continue to treat it as simply an aside to other happenings in the county, and as such are doing a grave disservice to the people of Shenandoah County. 

But just to show that I’m not wearing partisan blinders, a message to the Shenandoah County Republican Committee: WRITE PRESS RELEASES! Yes, I’m not in leadership anymore, but please–write up the County breakfasts and send it to the Herald. They may actually print it now that I’m not around.

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