The Money Race: Last Half 2008

The numbers are in, and it looks like Bob McDonnell has outpaced the field of Gubernatorial candidates, including one who was supposed to be able to fund his entire campaign with the snap of his fingers and another who left the House so he could raise funds during session. Although McDonnell’s cash on hand of $2 million is less than the total $2.3 million raised by the Democrats, he also doesn’t have a bruising primary ahead of him. 

By the numbers, McDonnell raised $1.6 million last year, and put $484,000 in the bank from his AG coffers. Democratic State Senator Creigh Deeds, who has statewide ties from his AG Campaign in 2005, came in second at $804k. Delegate Brian Moran, with deep ties in Northern Virginia and a statewide profile from his role as Dem Caucus chair, was  third at $770,000. Fourth? The “miracle” candidate (who alternatively is the savior of the netroots and the epitome of the Clinton Way and a carpetbagger) Terry McAulliffe, the former DNC Chair and major money man, with $718k. Yes, he has been in the race just a few weeks, but this man is supposed to be THE premier fundraiser on the Democratic side. Rather embarassing, particularly that he is blowing through money like nobody’s business with web ads across mediums and robocalls MONTHS before the June primary. 

Downticket, former Finance Secretary and failed number cruncher Jody Wagner easily outpaced her rival, Russel County Board Member (and independent turned Dem) Jon Bowerbank, with $285k to Bowerbank’s $181k cash on hand. 

On the Republican side, Bill Bolling TROUNCED his rival Patrick Muldoon, with $722k on hand to Muldoon’s $300. Perhaps the forces pushing Muldoon, many of whom are bitter over Bolling’s role as the Chairman of the 2008 State Convention, where pro-lifer (and Paulista favorite) Bob Marshall barely lost to former Governor Jim Gilmore. 

In the AG race, Democrat Delegate Steve Shannon, the lone contender of the Blue side, had $747k. Senator Ken Cuccinelli led the Republican pack at $228k. Brownlee trailed at $117k, while Dave Foster had $54k. While those numbers are fairly anemic, do keep in mind that these guys have a convention ahead of them, which is generally less costly than a primary. Foster’s showing is relatively surprising, showing that he should be considered at least a viable contender, particularly given the Convention system.

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