Can’t win ’em all.

Looks like Governor Kain is having a win:


The Democratic National Committee has elected Tim Kaine as the party’s new chairman.

The vote was a formality and the outcome was expected.

President Barack Obama chose the Virginia governor for the post earlier this month. Kaine is a longtime ally who endorsed Obama for president in early 2007.


And lose kinda day:


Gov. Tim Kaine’s efforts to ban smoking in all Virginia restaurants and bars has hit a snag.

A Senate committee voted 6-6 on a bill that would have allowed localities to decide if they want to ban smoking or not. The even vote means the bill is stalled, but can resurface later in the session.


Many people were surprised when Governor Kaine declined to be considered for any cabinet slot. His Excellency (I’m not mocking him, that’s actually how the Governorship is styled in the state Commonwealth) said that he was elected to four years and would be serving it out. Most people took this to mean that he would be focusing on saving his legacy. 

However, with the state $3 billion in the hole and Kaine unable to foist another tax hike on a renewed GOP, it looks like “saving Virginia” as his predecessor did might not be his final legacy. So instead, he put most of his money on finally outlawing smoking in public places in Virginia and, just for poops and giggles, crippling the tobacco industry with a .30 cent per pack tax. So far, his efforts to ban smoking look DOA: usually this bill passes through the Senate but dies in the House. If it can’t even make it through a clean vote in the Senate, it is in major trouble. 

And I say good. Many long time readers know my feelings on this subject: If you don’t like smoking, find another establishment. More and more entrepreneurs are finding that there’s money to be made in going non-smoking. Unfortunately, you do not have a right to eat at the Waffle House. Sorry, it’s not in the Constitution. But just as Waffle House finally accepted credit cards, I see a day when the market forces establishments to go non-smoking. And it’s coming soon. In the meantime, don’t hamper the ability of businessmen to make a buck off those who choose pleasure over health. And you know my thoughts on smokers already. 

But back to Governor Kaine: I wouldn’t worry about him. Once his gig as Governor is over, I’m sure that he will be the first to replace a casualty in the Obama Administration. Put please, President Obama, one favor: Don’t let him anywhere near OMB!

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