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Fare thee Well, Mr. President; Welcome, Mr. President

Regardless of your political affiliation, you cannot deny the historical gravity of today’s events. Very few places on earth have seen a non-violent transfer of power throughout its entire history (whether the secession of the southern states was a direct repudiation of Abraham Lincoln’s election or the formation of a new nation formed upon opposition to it), and inauguration day, regardless of the winner of the election, should be viewed with awe and respect. But let us remember that this is indeed a transfer of power, not a taking of it, so respect is due to both players.

Thank you, Former President Bush, for your eight years of service. I voted for you in 2004, and while I certainly have some major qualms about your presidency and fear that it will forever be tainted by some of your decisions, I thank you for your service and amazing sacrifice and for keeping our nation free of domestic threats. 

Congratulations to you, President Obama. Although I did not support you during the election and continue to have major disagreements with your proposed policies, this is your day. You are my commander-in-chief, and I pledge to discuss and oppose, and when warranted, support, your policies with respect for you and the high office which you hold. 

  1. January 21, 2009 at 8:01 am

    The inauguration ceremony // after party looked like quite a get-together — i’m sorry i missed it

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