Slogan Showdown

While the state government continues to cut aid for local government and many localities are facing epic shortfalls, New Market is keeping things light by focusing on a town slogan.  From the NVDaily:

Through Feb. 18, residents can vote for one of 28 slogans to describe their town. The options on the ballot were all submitted by residents as part of a contest created by Mayor Larry Smith.

“We want something to characterize the town, something that will capture the essence of New Market,” he said.

Smith said after visiting towns in Northern Virginia that had slogans, he wanted to apply the same concept to New Market. The response from the community was as positive as he could have wanted, he said.


Smith said he has no preference on which motto wins. The winner — the names of those who submitted each idea are not on the ballot — will get his or her water bill paid for a month, not to exceed $75, and the slogan might be placed at the bottom of the gateway signs at the edges of town.

While the contest certainly seems like fun and there are some great submissions, is this the sort of effort that the town government should really be focusing on during an ever deepening recession? Even if it is just the time of the town clerks to count ballots, the $75 for a water bill, and new signs, this sets a bad precedent and underscores the belief that, somehow, pretty words and sights will bring business to a town. 

Here’s my suggestion for a slogan: “New Market-Where government waste lives on”

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