Beware the ides of November

Nancy Pelosi was extremely bold today in explaining how Republicans just shouldn’t matter as Congress outlines the stimulus package. From ABC:

Pelosi took umbrage when asked about complaints by Republicans today after their meeting with President Obama LINK: that he seemed willing to work with Republicans while Pelosi and Democrats in Congress seem hollow in their efforts at bipartisanship.

She said she Democrats have met with Republicans in committee on the stimulus, before the inauguration and now the President has met with them too. She said Republicans were given 25 hours of debate in relevant committees to provide input on the stimulus and will be given a vote on their own substitute.

Really, she implied, what Republicans are complaining about is losing the election.

“They had opportunity to make their views heard and put on the table,” Pelosi said. “Now, we had an election that was about our different views and the direction our country was going in. We had a different point of view. The American people agreed with us. Bipartisanship means giving an opportunity to make their voices heard and maybe to persuade in the marketplace of ideas. It does not mean we will have a continuation of the last eight years of failed economic policies that have taken us where we are today. 

Madame Speaker seems to remember just where President Bush’s exhortation that he had “political capital he intended to spend” got him four years ago. Perhaps to put it a more poetic way, the Speaker should take heed that so 45 odd percent of this country did not sign the Democrat’s two year lease. If they keep up this sort of presumptuous behavior, they may not be interested in renewing in 2010.

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