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Pro-Life Democrats=Dinosaurs

Today the Senate voted on an Amendment that would have overturned President Obama’s recent decision to overturn the Mexico City policy. For the uninitiated, the Mexico City policy prohibits taxpayer money from being used to fund groups that perform or recommend abortions overseas. The vote was largely along party lines, with the remaining Northeastern Republicans (and Lisa Murkowski) voting against the amendment and only one Dem voting for it. With the Senate in Democratic hands, the outcome was largely expected.

So why is it important? Because at least one of the “nay” voters actively campaigned as a pro-life Democrat against an extremely pro-life Republican. From RedState, discussion of the fallacy of the pro-life Democrat:

Bob Casey Jr. ran for the Senate seat he currently occupies as an ostensible pro-lifer, just like his dearly-departed and still popular father. Sadly, judging by the election results, many pro-life voters in Pennsylvania believed his rhetoric. Today, Bob Casey Jr. voted against the Mexico City policy on the floor of the Senate, indicating clearly that he is not only pro-abortion, he is pro-government funding of abortion. It’s a helpful reminder, for the 1,000th time, that the “pro-life Democrat” really is a mythical creature, at least in the Senate and the White House.

It seems like every election season, this lesson is forgotten, no matter how many times the Democrats drive it home. To express this axiom somewhat mathematically, as a Democratic politician’s career rises towards President, the probability that he will actually vote pro-life approaches zero. Many prominent Democratic politicians (Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Dick Gephardt) really do begin life as pro-lifers, but by the time they reach the Senate (and definitely by the time they run for President), they are invariably ardent pro-abortionists with their votes (even if, like Harry Reid, they prefer to say in public that they are pro-life). As we move forward in time from the date when the question of abortion was forcibly removed from the democratic process by the Supreme Court, the Democratic party has ever more successfully enforced pro-abortion orthodoxy upon those who hold offices involved with the selection of Supreme Court justices – i.e., Presidents and Senators.

It should be noted that Ben Nelson of Nebraska did support the amendment. Still, I can’t see how anyone could fathom to call themselves pro-life when they would support a policy that doesn’t just assert the right of a woman to get an abortion but allows taxpayer dollars to be used for them overseas. This outcome proves once again that the Democratic Party is institutionally pro-abortion, even more so than the Republican Party is pro-life.

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