Republicans on the move on Health Care

With health care being one of the many aspects of modern life that is aggravating the current economic crisis, Virginia House Republicans are reacting with some ideas to ease the burden on small business owners. From the RTD:

Del. Daniel W. Marshall III, R-Danville, wants to give employers with 50 or fewer workers health-insurance coverage that does not include some or all of the mandates required by the state in health insurance

This proposal will likely be the most criticized of the bunch. However, it should be noted that this proposal will open the door to health care of some kind for a variety of workers and reward innovation by not penalizing workers who work for smaller but ambitious companies that may not yet be able to afford a full healthcare plan. 

Meanwhile, there are plans to require stricter technological standards in medical records management. 

Del. Samuel A. Nixon Jr., R-Chesterfield, is proposing a bill that would create a study to develop computer standards for health-care providers. His bill directs the state’s Information Technology Investment Board to develop standards for health information technology systems and software.

If you have ever experienced healthcare at the University of Virginia Health System, you know the ease of having all your information and appointments in a central source (and how trying it can be if one piece of data is incorrect, i.e., a single digit in your social, but, garbage in, garbage out). A final bill rewards healthcare providers who want to expand their facilities but are currently strangled by excessive regulations:

A third measure, proposed by Del. Phillip A. Hamilton, R-Newport News, already has passed the House on an 88-0 vote. It would reduce from 21 to eight the number of criteria used by the state’s health commissioner when determining whether to allow new or expanded health-care facilities. Hamilton said a less cumbersome application would save time and money.

All in all, the sort of ideas based proposal that is reflective of the economic situation that the RPV and its elected officials should be focused on.

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