Blago Out, Cites Warner

As promised, now former Governor Rod Blagojevich put on quite a show on his way out. Fairly typical stuff for a last-gasp stand against, well, everyone. However, while fighting for his political life, he still managed to fit in an anectdote about former Senator John Warner on his way out:

Now, I understand the importance of JCAR committee, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. I understand that six of you here in the Senate are members of that. The fact that you’d be picked to be on JCAR means you’re in good standing with your legislative leaders. I remember when I was a legislator. I remember when I was a freshman in Congress and I got a chance to be on what they called a conference committee–when you get to sit with the leaders of the different committees in the House and in the Senate–and what a thrill it was for me to be able to, as a freshman congressman, be in a room with legendary U.S. senators like John Glenn and Ted Kennedy and John McCain and John Warner, the senator from Virginia who, incidentally, had once been married to Elizabeth Taylor. That’s all I could think about when I saw him in that room. And then he asked me for a cup of coffee because he thought I was a staffer. And I didn’t tell him I was a congressman. Instead I went and asked him, “How do you take it?” And he said, “Black.” And I went and got him the coffee. I saw him the following weekend and he asked me for another cup of coffee. He obviously forgot I was a congressman.

After that, he swung into full pity mode. Take in the arrogant glory of his final words:

or what happened. But I can’t because I don’t think–because I didn’t do anything wrong. These are circumstances that have happened and I’m sorry that we’re all in this. I’ll apologize for that. And I’ll apologize for maybe pushing and prodding too much and the rest in the past. But I want you also to know that whatever you do here–and I hope you think about the big, broad picture and the big consequences, not me–think about future governors, think about the constitutional rights that are involved, think about the precedent, think about the civil liberties that we Americans all enjoy, think about the dangerous precedent of removing me without proving any wrongdoing. If it can happen to a governor, it can happen to any citizen. And then I would say to all of you, think about the things we’ve been able to do together: Health care for all of our kids, first in the nation. Pre school for 3- and 4-year-olds, best in the nation. Record amount of money in education. All of our senior citizens riding public transportation for free. Holding the line on taxes. Think about all the good things we’ve been able to do for people. Give me a chance to stay here so we can roll up our sleeves and continue to do good things for people. Thank you very much.

You’ll note that the word “sell” or “Senate seat” never came up once. Instead, he decided to focus on the allegations surrounding his handling of health care. Because really: who needs the public trust when you’re doing “great work.”

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