Who Will Follow Kristol?

Following Bill Kristol’s unceremonious removal from the New York Times, there’s been alot of speculation and suggestion about who should replace Kristol as the paper’s leading conservative columnist. Some have suggested someone of the ilk of Rush Limbaugh. However, Jon Henke over at The New Majority points out what’s wrong with this thinking:

We have a small army of showmen, agitators, bomb-throwers, partisans and hacks.  Enough.  It is a measure of the health of the Right that we have gone from Bill Buckley to Bill O’Reilly,  Our goal should be to develop and promote our best public intellectuals, our smartest writers, and our most perceptive analysts.   Like those mentioned above,

Dead on. In these dark days, we need to be putting our best foot forward and building a new breed of intelligent, principled, open-minded conservatives who are able to carry our message not only in the halls of power but in the traditional media. Certainly figures like Ann Coulter have their place in energizing the base and carrying forth certain messages, but do we really expect to ever be taken seriously if our top figures write books with titles like “How to Talk to A Liberal (if you must)”? Isn’t the point to talk to those who THINK they are liberal and show them their misguided ways?

Or are we honestly content to sit back, argue about who’s the most conservative, and reinforce our own messages as our audience dwindles?

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