ABC Privatization Fails

In a setback for the movement to decrease the size of government in Virginia, the Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee voted 13-2 to pass by indefinitely Senator Obenshain’s bill to privatize the state’s ABC (liquor, to you out of staters) Stores. The vote is here; it’s rather unfortunate that only two Republicans voted to keep the bill alive, but thanks go out to Senators Cuccinelli and Vogel. The Daily News Record has coverage here. Naturally, Emmett Hanger, who never saw a government program he couldn’t find a tax hike to save, voted against the bill. 

So where do we go from here? Well, Senator Obenshain has pledged to keep the fight going, as well hundreds of Virginia citizens who have rallied around the idea:

A Facebook group Sen. Obenshain created for supporters of privatization efforts currently boasts over four hundred members, and in a recent survey available on and mailed to thousands of voters across the district, seventy percent of respondents favored privatization, with nearly 85% supportive if they were assured that the Commonwealth could reap a considerable profit by the conversion. The numbers ran still higher if voters were assured that the Commonwealth could impose restrictions on the location and advertising of distilled spirit retailers. “The people of the twenty-sixth district understand what some in Richmond just don’t get,” commented Obenshain. “They aren’t ready to give up on this bill, and neither am I.”

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