Go Home Joe

From The Next Right, a heartfelt plea for Joe the Plumber to leave the national stage:

He represents everything wrong with GOP strategy in the last election.  Sure give him his 15 minutes, use the confrontation between him and then President-Elect Obama, but don’t make him a benchmark of your campaign.   Guess what?  He didn’t exactly win over any new voters in the Northeast.  And, contrary to what John McCain said “You’re all Joe the Plumber” we’re not.   His mild appeal was to a sub-base of rural voters who were already gonna vote Republican anyways. 

If I was an undercover liberal operative in a non-biased media outlet, (this sort of thing never happens) I would follow and highlight his washed up, lets call it career, with giddy anticipation.  I would interview him on all matters of policy.  I would paint him as a serious face in the conservative GOP opposition.  He would be the poster-conservative “average guy” of America.  And lucky for said fictional operative, he has a political watchdog group, book deal, and charity to report on.

It was certainly a good soundbite, but once additional details came out about Joe, it became very clear that this was a guy who didn’t need to live out his 15 minutes of fame. At it stands, Joe is a far better message than a messenger.


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