Obama Not Uniting on Abortion

Gallup has found that while Obama is earning high public approval on most of his early policies, one move is not seeing much public support. From Mark D. Harris:

Gallup just finished polling on some of Obama’s initial decisions and there is a seriously weak link in his armor: abortion. Only 35% of Americans approve of his decision to revoke the Mexico City policy banning taxpayer funding for abortion supporting organizations abroad. 58% of Americans disapprove of the decision. That -23% split is tremendous and one that Republicans should talk about, because almost regardless of what ones view on abortion only the most hard pro-chocie people support taxpayer dollars going to the organizations.

This is one of those perfect issues that lies at the intersection of social and fiscal conservatism. The United States does not have any responsibility to pay for family planning services for the citizens of other nations. Just another instance of how greatly our government has expanded with very few people noticing.

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