New Virginia, Old Politics

Democrats of recent vintage in Virginia have hearlded a “New Virginia,” one that is welcoming to both business and people of all lifestyles. However, it appears that the field of candidates for the Democratic nomination for Governor is practicing the old politics of bowing down to labor’s special interest. From the RTD:

Blogger Karen Duncan, who bills herself as “proudly liberal since 2005,” was clearly acting out of gratitude when she posted pictures and descriptions of Democrats Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, Creigh Deeds, and Jody Wagner handing out coffee and popcorn — and being generally cheerful and supportive — during a union-sponsored picket line. The event was held on Jan. 19 at the Hilton Crystal City at National Airport.


This is particularly amusing (well, and alarming as well) in light of the fact that Hilton Hotels has decided to relocate its corporate headquarters to Virginia. Hilton may very well have missed this, but Virginia won’t be able to welcome business for too long if they insist on coddling unions:

In the long run, though, businesses will not ignore any decline in Virginia’s reputation as a state that respects workers’ rights by protecting their right to work. Across the river in Washington, Democrats are preparing an assault on secret ballots and American job creation. The times they may be changing in the Old Dominion, but we suspect Democrats are sorely mistaken if they believe Virginians are prepared to let our next governor turn their state into a Southern version of Michigan.

I support the right of workers to unionize and negotiate with a company for the best deal. What I don’t support, however, is a union consolidating power to the point where employees are shut out and only have one voice that is not their own.


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