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Pelosi: Only those who vote “yes” may read the bill

Nancy Pelosi is refusing to allow House Republicans to read the Stimulus bill, which although said to be smaller in size than the original has actually expanded in page size. From The Foundry:

The text of the Nelson-Collins “compromise” had been roughly 778 pages, but the now “agreed-to” conference report has DOUBLED to a whopping 1434 pages. With an additional 700 pages in the bill, it is no wonder that Members would like to review the single largest spending bill in this nation’s history before casting a vote.

But, in possibly the most bizarre parliamentarian argument ever made, according to National Journal’s Congress Daily; “Democratic lawmakers fired back that Republicans didn’t need to see the bill anyway, since none of them voted for the stimulus when it moved through the House the first time and would probably stand in opposition.”

So let me get this straight–simply because they didn’t vote for the bill the first time House Republicans have no right to examine the whole package? While I certainly hope that House Republicans will stand strong again against big government, as the people’s representatives that have the right AND duty to examine the final package on behalf of their constituents. 

To say otherwise is to say that government really does know best. And that’s a scary thought.


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