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Circuit City Rising from the Dead?

From the Richmond Times Dispatch, word that the venerable retailer might survive after all, despite the epic liquidation going on in its stores right now. Well, its spirit might, anyways:

The Hilco Organization, an Illinois-based retail consulting and liquidation firm which liquidated 154 Circuit City stores late last year, is trying to buy the Henrico County-based retailer’s brand, including its name and Web site.

Richard L. Kaye, Hilco’s executive vice president, would not say what the company would do if it buys the name.

Other buyers could emerge. A federal bankruptcy court judge would have to approve any sale of the name.

Circuit City has the right to sell its name, trademarks, domain and intellectual property to raise money to pay off debts, spokesman Bill Cimino said.

Apparently, this phenomena is not unknown in the Richmond business community:

This End Up, the former Richmond-based retailer that pioneered crate-style furniture, sold its name, customer lists and product designs for $1 million in late 2000 to a turnaround specialist after the chain filed for bankruptcy and closed all of its stores.

Two years later, a Web site was created bearing the This End Up name, and a store opened in North Carolina in 2005.

It’s always nice to see a blast from the past, but with the explosion of online commerce in recent years and the recent economic collapse, one thing is clear in the retail sector: The Times They Are A-Changin’.

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