ABC’s Infinite Wisdom

From Bureaucrash, an awesome video highlighting a number of Virginia’s more idiotic alcohol related regulations and the department’s vengeful attitude towards bars:

ABC came under attack earlier this year for even being in the liquor business to begin with, and has come under fire before for some of its more ridiculous rulings and regulations. You may recall a few years back when an Alexandria restauranteur got in trouble for selling beer popsicles because state law requires that alcohol must be served in its original container and immediately put in another glass. 

Having worked with ABC in the past through Belle Grove, I can attest to some of the idiocy of their regulations. Want to serve beer at an event? A $55 license will do. Want to have liquor too? Well, that’ll set you back another $45. We were also told directly that our agent wouldn’t be visiting last year because he was out of town and trusted us as an exemplary event–however, he apparently got back “just in time” and showed up anyways. We also had to make sure every single person on the property had a paper band on, including young children and our musical entertainment–bands simply for those drinking wouldn’t suffice.  

I could go on, but suffice it to say that I think the time has come for a complete review of ABC laws, not just in terms of distribution but in terms of other laws as well. 

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