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BREAKING……Independent Candidate for VA Governor?

We here at On the Western Banks of the Shenandoah (or OWBS in the business) have a MOLTEN tip that a frisky figure in Virginia is considering running for Governor and that an outside group has already started circulating petitions for this candidate. The candidate is from Frederick County, and is known for always wanting more, more, more from the government (or as the candidate calls it, “the caretaker). However, the candidate has a real passion for historical and educational institutions. The candidate’s antics and whining are well known in my circles. The candidate brings alot of fluff, but could very well make a big mess of this race very quickly. Click below the fold for an exclusive picture of the candidate. 



Bella is my cat. I adopted her while I was working at Belle Grove (located in Middletown, which is in Frederick County), showing her good taste by showing up at our historic manor one day. She’s rather polite but is known to whine and prance quite a bit when she’s hungry, which is somewhat reminiscent of certain RINO State Senators…..

At any rate, for those of you who may have been hoping for the return of Russ Potts, all I can say is a hardy……


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