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Pictures from the Harrisonburg Rally

Here’s a collection of photos from the Harrisonburg rally for Bob McDonnell yesterday. I hope to have video up later today, along with photos and video from the Winchester event. 


26th District Delegate Matt Lohr, with 26th District Senator Mark Obenshain in the background


The crowd going wild shortly after Bob’s arrival
In the red sweater waving her sign: RWSC Chair Sue Hughes 


The crowd of 80 or so people spilled out in the hallway


I told you I had a really good spot ’til I got sick


Bob consulting with his Youth Coordinator and daughter, Cailin


Two of Bob’s daughters
Far left in red shirt: JMU Junior and Cheerleader Rachel McDonnell
Far right in black and white: McDonnell Youth Coordinator Cailin McDonnell


Bob instructing the crowd to text VA to 46262 (“GOBOB”)

  1. We need a real conservative!
    April 3, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I wish I could get excited about One Gun Bob. We need a real conservative candidate got governor. it’s a shame Huckabee didn’t have someone better to come here and campaign for.

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