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MSM Coverage of McDonnell’s Winchester Stop

I wasn’t the only one in Winchester for Bob McDonnell’s appearance. Drew Houff of The Winchester Star kicked off his article rather poetically by mentioning McDonnell’s 2004 kickoff, which McDonnell recalled in his speech:

Speaking from the steps of the Old Court House Civil War Museum, where George Washington began his successful campaign for the House of Burgesses in 1758, McDonnell said the experience gave him chills.

Until there are bloggers who are actually interested in prose, the print media will always have a place in my heart. But Houff also covered issues of greater importance:

“I also think this ought to be the best state for tourism and film production,” McDonnell said. “We’ve got natural beauty — we’ve got mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers, history, and rural vistas. And we ought to be able to bring all of that out-of-state money here to be able to create those kinds of jobs in Virginia. We can do a lot more to promote tourism.

“I also think it is important we make government work better,” he said. “We need a government that is more transparent, that’s more efficient, that’s more efficacious, that’s more frugal, and that’s more open to you.”

McDonnell said Virginia’s state government and its budget have each doubled in the past 10 years.

“We spend [nearly] $8 billion … of your tax money every two years in the budget, and the more you know about where it is going, the more you will be able to hold all of us accountable on how it is spent,” he said.

Also present: the more no-nonsense but always knowledgeable Garren Shipley of the Northern Virginia Daily:

Bob McDonnell’s gubernatorial campaign launch came to the Northern Shenandoah Valley on Wednesday, and the theme was hard to miss.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

The former state attorney general spoke to Winchester-area Republicans early Wednesday, promising at the northernmost stop in his rollout tour to make economic issues his top priority.

Bringing more jobs to the state and reviving the economy “will have the top claim on my time during my term as governor,” McDonnell said. Economic success begins with keeping the commonwealth’s business-friendly tax and environmental regulations intact, he said.

One core area for growth: the energy industry. 

Jobs from off-shore oil and natural gas production are also in 
McDonnell’s vision of Virginia’s future.

“This ought to be the state of choice for the energy industry,” he said. Coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power all stand to create jobs in the Old Dominion.

That’s one reason the state should cut “down on bureaucracy and the time it takes for permitting a clean coal-fired plant and new nuclear power plants.”

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