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More on the Abingdon Tea Party

Jerry Furhman over at From On High has an email from a town council member from Abingdon. In less than grammatically correct language, Councilwoman Cathy Lowe mildly chides supporters for less than polite language directed towards her and points out that the council is “powerless to help them”, as the most recent council meeting has already come and gone. However, here is the money quote:

Third, we have been informed that someone from your group has been contacted by the Town Manager via phone and told the reasons he said no to the mustering grounds this year and that there are other properties available for use. You are correct you have many rights afforded to you under the constitution and I know my fellow council persons well enough to know we believe in your rights. Not using the Mustering Grounds had nothing to do with denying your right to peaceful assembly it had to do with protecting the property because of it’s current condition. I am told that you were offered Veteran’s Park as well as other locations with in the town. Please let us know if that is incorrect.

This is quickly devolving in to a game of “he said, she said,” which is never good for organizing an event. The organizers need to come out with the full story of their permit denial–otherwise, like-minded individuals who are contacting the town council on their behalf, well, they look a little goofy. Although I’m not entirely behind Jerry’s suggestion that the organizers “take it to the streets,” I do think the organizers need to quickly reassert their first amendment rights in a clear way.

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    April 6, 2009 at 2:15 pm
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