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Victory for Concealed Carry in Override Session

Both the NRA and VCDL are touting a big victory for concealed carry holders–or, more correctly, making it easier for Virginia citizens to carry a concealed firearm. The Senate and House both overrode Governor Kaine’s veto of Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s SB 1528. The bill clarifies that online training is acceptable for use to qualify for a CHP in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As it currently stands the law is open to interpretation, as some circuit courts accept online training while others do not. 

It’s no Vermont Style regime, where citizens are allowed to exercise their right without any government strings attached, but it complements Virginia’s status as a “shall issue” state (meaning that the Circuit Court must issue a permit if the applicant meets all the state mandated requirements) very well by making another training option available for working professionals or those who may live in areas without a certified trainer.

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