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Abingdon Tea Party On; Harrisonburg, Front Royal Join Tea Party

From Norm at TQ we have word that the Abingdon Tea Party has found a site and is on for good. Not of much interest for people in the valley, but I wanted to follow up on the story and rest assured, for right now, that no Virginia locality is playing shenanigans with our constitutional rights. You can find information about the new site here if you came here looking for information about the Abingdon event. 

For readers in the Valley, you’ll be interested in knowing that, in addition to the Old Town Winchester event scheduled for noon, there are three more events scheduled for the valley: One in Harrisonburg from Noon to 6 p.m in the Court Square on Main Street and two, count ’em, two in Front Royal (12 pm and 6 pm) in front of the Warren County Government Center.

While I’m still concerned that the rallies may not prove themselves to be effective if conservatives don’t get out in front to articulate their principles and simply allow the day to go by as a muddled explosion of populist anger, it is still a good staging ground for the movement. Be sure to attend one if you can on the 15th.

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