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McDonnell Raises $2.2 Million Despite GA Session

Despite the statutory bar on his raising money during the General Assembly session that took up the better part of the last three month reporting period, former Attorney General Bob McDonnell has bested all but one of his potential gubernatorial opponents on the Democratic side, according to the WaPo.  

McDonnell raised $2.2 million during the past three months, meaning he has about $3.5 million cash on hand. Only Terry McAulliffe raised more than McDonnell at $4.2 million; additionally, though he raised almost $2.0 more, he spent most of that money and now has just $2.5 million cash on hand. Moran raised $800k in the same period with $825k in the bank, while Deeds pulled in just $600k with $1.2 million in the bank (alot by other standards, but c’mon—this is a gubernatorial race in a purple state, people). These numbers, combined with the fact that McDonnell has the highest favorables in the field and bested Deeds and McAuliffe outside of the Margin of Error in a recent Reasearch 2000 poll (sponsored by Daily Kos, no less) show that MCDonnell has all the momentum at this point. However, given their cockiness following last year’s Electoral College and congressional victories, Dems are going to throw everything they have at McDonnell. More on that later….

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