Mail Call: Gilmore’s BACK! (Yet Again)

As a sometimes donor to conservative political candidates and causes, I usually get at least 5 or 6 fundraising appeals per week; sometimes I’ll get two or three on a single day. At this point, not a whole lot surprises me any more—I’ve seen it all: Sending dollar bills to guilt people into sending them back, outlandish language that makes even me blush (To wit: Jerome Corsi’s letter from yesterday warning me that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be the next Senators from DC), and letters from relatively obscure candidates who probably NEED out of state cash to even have a chance. 

However, today’s offerings did bring one eyebrow raising addition to the ever growing stack in my recycling bin: a letter from Jim Gilmore’s “The Patriot’s Committee.” That’s right, that heretofore believed to be moribund fundraising apparatus that helped fund Gilmore’s equally unsuccessful Presidential and Gubernatorial bids over the last two years. It’s no secret that Jim Gilmore left with extremely low approval ratings. However, even as late as 2003 it appeared that Gilmore might have a chance at a comeback. Gilmore’s national security credentials were coming in handy at the time, and he was an outspoken critic of Warner’s fiscal policies. However, his chances for a viable comeback went up in smoke when Warner browbeat the needed Republicans into supporting a historic tax increase. 

At that point, the narrative became all about the trainwreck Gilmore left for Warner. And let’s be honest–even outspoken fiscal conservatives like Norm Leahy will admit the math didn’t add up (though Gilmore is certainly not the only one to blame in that debacle). Still, Gilmore at that point became lashed to the Car Tax and its failure to be eliminated. I supported Gilmore at the 2008 State Convention, mostly out of respect for his fiscal and national security credentials, plus fear that Bob Marshall would be just too right to have a chance. However, I knew that there was never really a chance for Jim to win. 

So here we are. Jim Gilmore is trying one last shot at political relevance, this time by raising money for his PAC to funnel in to state races. He makes it fairly clear that he has no further political ambitions–why, then, keep this going? I can’t think of any part of the state where an appearance by Jim Gilmore would make a significant electoral difference. Perhaps he has some fundraising prowess that I can’t grasp (doubtful). However, it begs the question: Why is Jim Gilmore hanging around? 

He couldn’t be eyeing a certain vacant party office, could he?

  1. April 16, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Craig, if the letter hasn’t reached Circular File 13 yet, can you scan it and upload it?

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