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Interesting RPV Chair Development

I’m headed over to Fredericksburg tomorrow for the YRFV State Convention, where I will be live blogging (along with my good blog ally Crystal Clear Conservative). I printed off some directions a little bit ago, and just for my information I also printed off a copy of the agenda. I had looked at it a few days ago but didn’t print it off at the time, as there were still some tentative slots. 

When I took it out to the kitchen, I realized that some additions had indeed been made and some of the speakers fleshed out. The most notable ones: a talk with Acting Chairman Mike Thomas, and speeches from two candidates for RPV Chair. The names listed are indeed the two that most of us have speculated were the finalists for the temporary nod (i.e. State Central endorsement on May 2nd leading into the Convention on the weekend of May 30th): Sandra Liddy Bourne and Pat Mullins. You can see it here for yourself

So it looks like we have two candidates. However, this is just another step on a road with quite a bit of distance remaining. If one of the two doesn’t get the temp gig, will they run at the Convention? This could be a very viable path for Mullins in particular, as his credentials are likely to earn the respect of the multitudes of grassroots activists who will be assembled. Also, is there another candidate who is waiting until the convention (outside of a still possible return of JFred)? 

Stay tuned.

  1. Jarrett Ray
    April 17, 2009 at 9:22 am

    see you in Fburg

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