A Tale of Two Candidates

UPDATE: Breaking news has preeetty much rendered this post useless. However, I’m putting this up in the interest of background on these two great leaders for RPV. 

-Pat Mullins started off by joking that his Fairfax YRs often battled against Mike Thomas’s Henrico YRs in the 1980’s. He recounted how the Fairfax YRs drafted him for chairman in Fairfax after a successful run as a community and business leader (Chamber and Rotary Chair), and he relied heavily on the YRs for his executive board. He noted how he raised a million dollars over his six year term, grew the Committee from 200 to 500 members (to the point of having a waiting list for members), and won 60% of the elections in the county. He noted the press attacked him for his beliefs even though he ran and won with conservative candidates. He noted that after his move from Fairfax his wife wanted him to stay out. However, last year he entered the fray again with the belief that a small committee can do what a large one can–it’s all about scale. And the results were similar: Louisa went from 20 to 88 members). They went from $300 in the hole to spending $2000 last year. He talked about the importance not just of sweeping the state constitutional offices but holding the House not just by playing defense but looking for pick-up opportunities as well. Mr. Mullins has a very outgoing and warm manner, but you can tell that its part of his natural personality. 

-Up next was Sandra Liddy Bourne. She joked that while Too Conservative noted she was . She noted her father’s legacy, but played it off by joking that if G. Gordon Liddy is Darth Vader, then that must make her Princess Leia. She touted her status as a veteran, as well as a advocate on climate change and energy policy. She noted her strong anti-tax credentials. She also rejected the big tent philosophy, stating that she would rather have a “brick house” of a party, standing on four key principles: faith, family, individual freedom, and free enterprise. She reitereated her pro-life beliefs several times. She also noted that YRs need to be active on New Media and from the VERY bottom (all the way down to HOAs). She noted that her political career began when her husband’s best friend was murdered. She took this as proof o the failure of the welfare state. 

Hang on, breaking news.

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