“Big Ideas” at the YRFV Convention

No, I’m not talking about Bob McDonnell—he shared the same agenda with us that he has shared with like-minded voters across the state, one of positive, principled ideas designed to jump-start our economy. Rather, I’m talking about a shared vision of Pat Mullins and Sandy Liddy Bourne. 

The former competitors (now hopefully allies, if no one arises to challenge Pat) seem to share a vision of strengthening our local parties. A key part of their plan: a traveling “RPV Roadshow,” which would focus on the nitty gritty that chairs need to know not just in terms of party procedure but also about recruitment, fundraising, and indeed, candidate recruitment. Pat’s mantra seems to be that organization is not a matter of scope but of scale. I had heard talk of this in the previous administration, but Pat seems dedicated to making it happen. 

I think that we are missing a number of opportunities all across the state by not fighting elections at ALL levels. When I was doing some freelance work for RPV I discovered that throughout much of the 5th and 6th District many local elected officials do not run under the banner of either party. Certainly I’m sure there are reasons for this related to the history of those regions; however, it is absolutely essential that we test and fight for our values right down to the Board of Supervisors. The reason for this is three fold: not only do contesting such races build a brand of a vibrant and principled party (given that local electeds stick to their guns once in office, given the many pratfalls that exist in local government, but that’s another conversation), but they also build a base of candidates for higher offices, namely the House of Delegates, as well as a base of volunteers, as these races tend to attract the friends and families of candidates who can hopefully be “hooked” for future campaigning. Bill Bolling is a perfect example of this: Hanover County Board to State Senate to LG. Sandy Bourne even suggested that YR members get involved in their own HOAs, citing this a testing and breeding ground for values of personal liberty. 

Patt Mullins is a principled, idealistic conservative who has what it takes to lead the RPV to victory across the state. That’s why he has my full endorsement for the May 2nd vote. I strongly suggest that you attend the Harrisonburg Committee’s First Fridays event on May 1st at noon at the Wood Grill in Harrisonburg. 

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss another part of Mullin’s agenda that in my opinion will certainly draw some controversy but is long overdue.

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