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McDonnell Maintains Momentum

Despite weathering disingenuous attacks from the Democrats and suffering from a stab in the back from former/soon-to-be-again “Republican” Mike Bloomberg (hey, when you’re Bloomberg rich, you can call yourself whatever you want), Bob McDonnell continues to maintain the momentum in this race. First off, there was last week’s Rasmussen poll, which shows Bob McDonnell leading all three candidates for Governor by double digit margins. What’s more, McDonnell has huge favorable numbers–58% of Virginians have a favorable view of Bob versus just 16% unfavorable. Meanwhile, all of his Democratic opponents have net unfavorables. Indeed, none of the candidates can even crack 40% (mostly due to overall low name ID). Clearly, Bob’s kickoff tour reached out to a wide swath of Virginians. 

Last week also saw the release the financial reports from all four campaigns for Governor. VPAP has posted (as always) some really great maps and charts for all the candidates. Bearing Drift has made some interesting notes abot just where the money is coming from: 

Looking at the top donors by zip code, Brian Moran’s top ten are all Virginia, while Creigh Deeds is all Virginia but Washington DC in 7th and Bob McDonnell has DC first but all Virginia for the rest of the top ten.

Terry McAuliffe, on the other hand, has only FOUR Virginia zip codes not just in his top ten (three of which are McLean) but these same four are the ONLY four in his top TWENTY FIVE localities.


Long term, Bob McDonnell is not asleep at the wheel and certainly not content to just let the Democrats beat each other up while developing their own statewide operations.  His fundraising from throughout the state shows the statewide support and operations he’s pulling and should enable him to set up early and campaign well, even in Northern Virginia.

Something that Bearing Drift did not point is that while 14 of Bob McDonnell’s top 25 zip codes for donors are outside of northern Virginia, just 7 of Brian Moran’s are (no need to even discuss McAuliffe here–most of his aren’t even in Virginia–and Deeds was always going to be the candidate of rural Virginia). McDonnell is showing that he has a strong base all across Virginia, from Shenandoah to the Eastern Shore. It’s a long way to November–but right now, McDonnell has the momentum, and RPV would be foolish to squander it on internecine battles between now and then.

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