Wagner: Not the Details Candidate

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention to the Democratic race for the LG nomination. Wagner appears to be winning that race in both those few polls that have been done and in terms of money. However, candidate Mike Signer has turned up an interesting issue in the race. It appears that Madame Wagner did not vote in the 2004, 2005 and 2008 Democratic primaries. While this is rather curious coming from someone who is seeking a major party’s nomination for the second highest office in the state, what is even more curious is how she chooses to explain it away. From Not Larry Sabato:

As Jody said, she tried to get back to her home in Virginia Beach from her job in Richmond as a member of the Kaine Administration in time to vote, but traffic prevented her. It demonstrates the need for Virginia to pass early voting, which Republicans in the General Assembly once again killed.

Really? You’re going to blame this on the Republicans?

Anyone who has voted absentee in Virginia even once knows that the acceptable excuses for doing so are rather varied. They include if you will be away from your precinct for more than 12 hours during Election Day due to work obligations. So this means one of two things: either Mrs. Wagner just absolutely loves the thrill of feeding her ballot into the machine and just can’t vote absentee, or she doesn’t know the rules for voting absentee in the very Commonwealth that employed her for seven years. I could understand if we still used real voting machines (I just love that little bell!), but c’mon.

So there you have it folks. Not only is the Dem frontrunner for LG bad at math, but she’s not very good with details either.

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