More RPV Convention Notes

Tonight I had the great pleasure of hearing RPV Executive Director Allison Coccia speak to the Republican Women of Shenandoah County. The part of her remarks that will probably revolved around the upcoming RPV Convention of May 29th and 30th. Some highlights:

  • Over 8,000 delegates have registered, and as lists continue to come in there are estimates that the number of registered delegates may very well pass 10,000. Virginia’s convention will likely be the largest in the nation (Although only New Jersey and Virginia have statewide contests this year and only Virginia is using a convention, other states are re-organizing their state parties this year)
  • Delegates will be routed through the Lee Street entrance to the coliseum, the largest one in the facility. As they enter the facility, they will receive a packet with a barcode that will then be scanned to aid the credentials report.
  • The rules committee has proposed rules that will have all nominating speeches occur BEFORE balloting. That is, all speeches for LG, AG and State Party chair will occur, then balloting will take place simultaneously for all three offices.
  • The top ten units by voting machines; smaller units will continue to use paper ballots.
  • Delegates are encouraged to submit their voluntary registration fee. In addition to helping make the convention a self-sustaining event, delegates will receive a gift bag and a boxed lunch.

Also noted at the meeting:

  • SCRC Chairman Mike Monahan noted that Shenandoah County will have 69 delegates and has submitted a check for $1,000 to RPV, which is for delegate fees from roughly 40% of the county’s delegates
  • The Republican Women of Shenandoah County are sponsoring a bus that will go down on Saturday morning to get delegates there in time for balloting on the nomination and chair races. Right now, the bus is slated to cost $25 per person. They currently have 12 people going down (which is a full bux), but if interest exists they will get a second. This offer is open not just to Shenandoah County delegates but anyone from the surrounding units who may wish to meet the bus in Woodstock. If you are interested, please contact Sue Hughes at (540) 459-2088 or

Finally, some items of note from last week’s Weeklfrom Chairman Thomas:

  • Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute will be the Saturday morning breakfast speaker. We had speculated earlier that this spot may go to another 2012 contender, but alas, it did not. Contenders maow up, but with a packed schedule on Saturday, it is doubtful that they will be given time to speak to the convention. Dr. Brook’s nod is also interesting in that it signals that RPV is not unaware that the works of Mrs. Rand are suddenly in vogue again. Could this be a sudden nod to the growing influence of small-l libertarians after the surprise influence of Ron Paul supporters at last year’s convention (although Dr. Paul’s coalition is much broader than anyone gives him credit for, but that’s a conversation for another time)?
  • RPV will be using three twitter feeds during the convention: one with results and news from proone for alerts and messages to delegates, and another one for “fun” use. It will be intresting to see see how the RPV is able to use Twitter as a low-cost alternative to a full-blown text messaging service during a one-time event.
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