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Bob’s Focus

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A Jobs Governor – VA

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GOP Ticket Barnstorming through Valley

Bob McDonnell and the rest of the GOP team, along with Speaker Bill Howell and the newly minted RPV Chairman will be flying around the state on Monday, June 1st to show that Republicans are united and ready to spread their pragmatic, conservative message from Strasburg to Tappahannock and from Gate City to Fairfax.

The team will be stopping at Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport just a little bit before noon. Make sure to be in the Airport Lobby by 11:45 A.M. so that we call all gather to greet our winning team. To RSVP either click here or email me at If you are interested in covering this event for a media outlet, please let me know.

McDonnell on the air

May 11, 2009 1 comment

Bob McDonnell is up on the air across the state, from Roanoke to Norfolk and from Charlottesville to the tri-cities. 

Meanwhile, I’m spending this week getting to know my territory and my unit chairs and settling in to my new digs in Harrisonburg. We’ll have more information on the HQ soon, so be sure to check back soon. 

Change is a-comin’

I have hinted at this for a while, but my employment status has changed and thus will also be changing this blog. 

I have accepted a job offer from the Republican National Committee to serve as field representative for the Shenandoah Valley during the upcoming general election. In this capacity I will be responsible for motivating voters for the Republican ticket and mobilizing the grassroots volunteers to do so. Because of the nature of the job, I’ve decided to change the focus of this blog. In my capacity I’ll be doing alot of work in the field, and via the written word, photos, and video, I hope to bring you a glimpse of the campaign that is often underreported in the media–the grassroots. I won’t be commenting as much on issues of the day, the challenges our party faces, or on the “horse race” aspects of the primary campaigns. However, I do want to keep this blog up as a place for me to use during hiatuses as well as to provide a creative outlet for me during the campaign, so expect more book reviews and personal musings. I’ll also still try to bring you the big news from the Governor and Delegates races. For now, however, my focus is on electing our entire Republican team in the Valley, and I hope to bring you a unique perspective on that during the coming weeks and months. Don’t expect nearly as frequent posts, but I hope to bring you something at least once a week. 

Thanks to those of you who have spent a little bit of time reading my thoughts on politics, and particularly to those of you who have challenged me. I like to think I’ve demonstrated what can be done on a local level with a blog such as this and provided some pithy thoughts on the big picture issues along the way. 

Thanks again, and I’ll be seeing you on the trail.

GOP Victories in…..Alexandria?!!?

Yes, you read that right. Last night the GOP picked up two seats on the Alexandria City Council, one being their nominated candidate and the other an endorsed independent. This comes on the heels of two very close races in Northern Virginia of late, plus a victory in a fairly blue Fairfax Board special election. 

These victories not only speak to the level of enthusiasim on the Republican side, but also the resonance of the messsage that Republicans are using in these races. The GOP nominated three candidates, all of which ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and bringing more business to Fairfax. I think former Tennessee Senator Howard Baker laid out the best path to victory in his editorial in yesterday’s Washington Post:

The core Republican beliefs in less government, lower taxes, more liberty and greater security in a dangerous world united people as different as Mark Hatfield and Jesse Helms during my years as leader of the Senate. Those same beliefs carried Ronald Reagan into the White House in 1980 and 1984. Those beliefs still have power today. 

Here here. I think we’re already starting to see this play out in Virginia today–we’ve only just begun. Congratulations to Frank Fannon and Alicia Hughes, as well as Alexandria City Chair Chris Marston, for showing the way to victory for our candidates even in deep blue territory.

McDonnell at Apple Blossom

Bob McDonnell stopped by Winchester’s 82nd edition of its Annual Apple Blossom Festival, one of the Commonwealth’s oldest and largest civic festivals. Over a quarter of a million people flock to the city of 30,000 each year for a wide variety of food, tons of events throughout the weekend, and a grand feature parade with over 150 units that is second to none. The festival originated as a celebration of the arrival of blossoms on the thousands of trees that used to cover the area. Although the orchard industry isn’t what it used to be, the city remains proud of what remains its primary agricultural export. 

Although Bob was not part of the parade as he no longer holds office, he couldn’t miss a chance to be part of the festivities. This was not his first stop of the day, however, and would not be his last–he left around 3:30, with a fundraiser in Richmond and plans to campaign at the race in Richmond. 

I would say that Bob is bar none the hardest working man in this race (Terry McAuliffe may come close, but he seems to work hardest when he’s outside of Virginia). When it comes to spreading his message of prosperity and free enterprise to the people he’s actually running to serve, nobody can outwork Bob McDonnell, who’s already working 18 hours a day. 

UPDATE: Krystle has a report from where Bob was earlier yesterday: Delegate Tim Hugo’s kick-off. Goes to show you that Bob is working for Republican victory across the board. He even walked part of the Apple Blossom route with Ann Burkholder, candidate for Commissioner of Revenue in the city