GOP Victories in…..Alexandria?!!?

Yes, you read that right. Last night the GOP picked up two seats on the Alexandria City Council, one being their nominated candidate and the other an endorsed independent. This comes on the heels of two very close races in Northern Virginia of late, plus a victory in a fairly blue Fairfax Board special election. 

These victories not only speak to the level of enthusiasim on the Republican side, but also the resonance of the messsage that Republicans are using in these races. The GOP nominated three candidates, all of which ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and bringing more business to Fairfax. I think former Tennessee Senator Howard Baker laid out the best path to victory in his editorial in yesterday’s Washington Post:

The core Republican beliefs in less government, lower taxes, more liberty and greater security in a dangerous world united people as different as Mark Hatfield and Jesse Helms during my years as leader of the Senate. Those same beliefs carried Ronald Reagan into the White House in 1980 and 1984. Those beliefs still have power today. 

Here here. I think we’re already starting to see this play out in Virginia today–we’ve only just begun. Congratulations to Frank Fannon and Alicia Hughes, as well as Alexandria City Chair Chris Marston, for showing the way to victory for our candidates even in deep blue territory.

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