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And we’re back in 3, 2…..


That was pretty intense.

I’m speaking, of course, of campaign 2009. Many of you who read this blog know that my self-imposed exile from blogging over the last six months. The intensity came not just from the campaign itself (a back and forth affair that, thanks to the amazing job of the McDonnell campaign, low Democratic enthusiasm for their nominee, backlash against the Obama administration, a hungry Republican base and a generally poor effort by the Deeds campaign turned into a nearly 20% blowout for the McBolliNelli team), but also my own personal journey. There were many great experiences, but the general pace of the campaign and a major car accident on September 27th led me to re-examine my life (not just in politics, but overall).

I discovered that full-time political work is just not for me. My own personal shortcomings, the constitution of my body and spirit, and my strengths and weaknesses have led me to the conclusion that I’m not meant for a career in the helter-skelter, knock down drag out world of American politics in the 21st Century. However, what I did rediscover is my deep passion for history that I went astray from and my love of teaching others not just about the world around them but themselves. I won’t go into great detail here, but my personal experiences have led me on a new path. One this blog is a crucial part of. Politics remains a very strong interest of mine, but I discovered that teaching, more than anything else, causes my blood to race, my eyes to widen, a smile to return to my face, and my hands to move with my words. I feel, rightly or wrongly, that modern education could use a role model like me, so that’s where I’m headed.

Longtime readers will know that in the past I have taken a deep interest in local politics. This blog will shift away from that, focusing even more on who we (the GOP) are as a party, as well as the major policy and ideological battles facing our nation today. It will also, however, take more focus on my personal passion for American history. Look for posts on historic preservation, visits to historic sites, and general musings on the state of history in our national dialogue. You can also look for postings on the art of music and pop culture in general.

It will also focus on my new work and passion: Education. I have decided to pursue my teaching license, hopefully at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. In the meantime, I’ll be pursuing passions in writing and picking up opportunities working with education, both with high schoolers and adults. I’ve got a project in particular in the arena of high school debate and forensics that will hopefully come to fruition soon, so expect some blogging on that as well.

I don’t know exactly where all this will take me, but I’m very excited for where my life is headed. I hate to make any declarations about my posting schedule, as I’m also seeking part-time employment, but I’ll endeavor to post at least once a day. One thing that will not be returning: the Big O Show. It was a worthy endeavor, but the interest just did not seem to be there for my verbal (and often stream of consciousness) musings on politics and pop culture, and I was never able to expand beyond, well, just me (probably due to, what I’ll admit, was my own aggressive tone and “peculiar” targets). What you can expect more of: video. My little Flip Camera, although not of the best quality, will get quite a workout, as my videos seemed to be very popular on the trail.

So stay tuned, welcome back, and get ready. Your comments, questions, and encouragements are greatly appreciated.


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    November 19, 2009 at 7:30 pm

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