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Cosmopolitan: A Journal of Opinion (and steamy sex)

From Live Pulse, we discover that Cosmopolitan (yes, that magazine that strikes fear in the heart of men whenever it is encountered at the local beauty shop and that nauseates some stores so that they have to put shields in front of the cover in the checkout line) has weighed in on the Stupak amendment:

If you’re pro-choice, you may not be aware that an amendment to the health-care reform bill that passed in the House earlier this month threatens women’s rights. Called the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, it bans abortion coverage for millions of women who will purchase health insurance in the new health exchange. This ban will also extend to women who opt to be covered under the “public option” form of health insurance that the bill will create.

Certainly Cosmopolitan is entitled to its opinion, despite the fact that their magazine is little concerned with the issues of the day. But did it ever occur to the high minds at Cosmo that perhaps its the very desensitization to the primary role of conception in sexual intercourse (23 Ways to Drive Your Man Mad!) that our modern society perpetuates is perhaps the sole reason that abortion is still debated in our civic discourse?

Wonders never cease.

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