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O Rly??? (Or is that O’Riley?)

NewsBusters.org points out the obvious in a recent episode of Fox’s hit show Glee:

Here is more proof there is a vast chasm between Fox News and Fox Entertainment in Hollywood. In Wednesday night’s episode of Glee, a heartless Christian dad character is – of course – a big Glenn Beck watcher. The biggest liberal joke on the series is the pregnant cheerleader Quinn who leads the “Celibacy Club,” who is preparing for the chastity ball, but the secret of her pregnancy gets out at the dinner table.

To quote my favorite television show of all-time, The Simpsons (another Fox product):

Homer: In case you didn’t realize I was being sarcastic

Marge: Well, duh.

You know why Fox comedies constantly receive critical claim, despite the network being in perpetual fourth place amongst the majors? Because executives at the network have rarely been afraid to allow their shows to lash out at any and all targets. Such is the nature of the network. Even before the advent of Fox News, The Simpsons viciously mocked both their parent network and Rupert Murdoch on numerous occasions, a trend they’ve kept up.

Let’s get real here: Fox News need not be a sacred idol for conservatives. Does it provide a much need alternative perspective in a media atmosphere where liberal perspectives dominate in both opinion and reporting? Yes, most certainly. However, even Murdoch himself is not what we’d want him to be. He did not create Fox News out of any fealty to the American conservative movement–he backed Hillary Clinton financially for Senate in 2006 and in his native Australia the support of his media outlets has oscillated between the conservative National Party and Labor–the same as in England. Fox News was born out of the true ideal that we should uphold as conservatives–good old fashioned unadulterated capitalism.

My point? Let’s not put the medium on any sort of platform. What matters is our time honored principles, not who advocates for them. Let’s provide analysis and opinion off those principles, not off scoring points for “hypocrisy.” Pointing out Glee’s misdirected view? Alright. Pointing to the network? A distraction.


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