Stewart for LG: Part Deux

Correction: Gill ran for Michelle McQuigg (now Clerk of Court in PW), not Callahan’s old seat. We took back both this year–hence my confusion. Sorry folks, can’t win em all.

Riley over at Virginia Virtucon points out that Corey Stewart will be headlining an event for the Arlington-Falls Church Young Republicans and hints that Stewart is eyeing what everyone assumes will be an open LG seat in 2013. Frankly, this is a campaign that has already started–and is being won as I write this.

Astute observers may recall that in early 2008 Stewart started making noise for an LG bid and was more or less an announced candidate. However, Bill Bolling soon thereafter announced that he was running for a second term. In the name of unity, all the potential nominees dropped out (note that this does not include Patrick Muldoon, whose disasterous bid began in reaction to Bolling’s “weak” conservative credentials in late 2009–I hate to acknowledge their rationale even with the quotation marks).

At the time Stewart was being challenged by former State Senator Jay O’Brien, who had the backing of several Delegates, including the Valley’s own Todd Gilbert. Word on the street was that many were not too happy with Stewart’s backing of Faisal Gill in the race for Vince Callahan’s Michelle McQuigg’s old seat (ironic, given that it was really Fairfax where O’Brien lost the thing). However, much has changed since then.

Number one, Stewart has built a solid record of governance. First and foremost, the rule of law resolution that Stewart championed in Prince William, which required law enforcement to check individual’s citizenship status during an arrest and denied certain public services to unlawful immigrants, is working. Additionally, Stewart has worked feverishly to maintain his credentials as a fiscal conservative, cutting taxes and holding the line on government spending. One will recall that this was the issue that doomed the last LG candidate from Northern Virginia, Sean Connaughton, who many accused of backdoor tax hikes by maintaining the same tax rate while assessments went up.

Finally, the environment has changed greatly. The name Gill means nothing now–not only because Gill is no longer even in the Commonwealth, but because Stewart did a bang up job leading from the forefront in helping deliver smashing wins for our candidates in Prince William, in addition to helping take back the aforementioned Delegate seat. Stewart is clearly a team player, and someone the party would be smart to nominate.

Stewart is a smart guy and has already swung through the Valley twice touting his credentials on the immigration issue, one that is sure to rear its ugly head at some point in the next four years, particularly when the Obama administration is talking “reform” while its overreaching on a myriad of other issues. For those of you who think its too early to be talking 2013, the fact of the matter is that races are always developing, and smart politicians weigh their options and figure out where they can do the most good.

2013 is already shaping up to be interesting–there’s talk that Cooch may very well be in a position to run for Governor, despite many members of State Central already giving the tacit support to Bolling for Governor. However, the race has already started for Lt. Gov, and the fact of the matter is that one candidate is already out there who is head and shoulders above the rest and one to keep an eye on.


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