A Blog to Watch

The Virginia Conservative is already one of the best blogs in the Valley. Always intriguing, often witty, VC brings a great deal to the table. He very closely hews to the type of blogging I strive to her: taking a story, analyzing it and offering a unique spin, not just the regurgitation of standard talking points or (god forbid) the verbatin reprint of press releases. To wit, there was his classic post where he link Pepsi’s Throwback soda to Ron Paul’s stance on subsidies:

But…this isn’t a food review blog?  What does this Pepsi product have to do with politics?  Representative Ron Paul has the answer.  In his bestselling work, The Revolution: A Manifesto, he discusses this topic.  The reason for the switch is one of cost.  It is cheaper for soft drink manufactures to use the corn syrup.  But wait, you say…in other countries they use sugar, why would it be more expensive in the U.S.A.?  The answer is subsidies and quotas.  Not only does the federal government subsidize corn growers, as Ron Paul tells us, “The United States government limits the amount of sugar that can be imported from around the world.  These quotas make sugar more expensive for all Americans, since they now have fewer choices as a result of diminished competition.  The quota also put at a competitive disadvantage all those businesses that use sugar to produce their own products.  That’s one reason that American colas use corn syrup instead of sugar:  American sugar, thanks to the quotas, is simply too expensive.”  (p. 72).

Now, he’s announced the beginning of a series of posts looking back on his time working in the 93rd Delegate race during this past election. House watchers will recall that the seat was one of two that switched from Republican to Democratic control and was the only one in which a Democrat knocked off the sitting Republican. This series will be one to watch not just for those interested in knowing the full story behind Delegate Hamilton’s quick fall from grace but also to consultants everywhere who want insight on how to deal with a race that explodes almost overnight.

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