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Unsafe in any seat

I wrote yesterday that Lou Dobbs may make a bid for New Jersey senate in 2010. Dobbs strikes many as a center-right populist. However, there’s been recent talk that the resurgence of populist ideas may not be the strict domain of the right. Here comes some evidence: consumer advocate and four-time presidential loser Ralph Nader is mulling his own independent Senate bid in Connecticut. From the Associated Press:

Many people have called on Nader to jump into the hotly contested race to challenge Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd, who has been struggling in recent polls. Nader said he’s getting increasingly more requests from Connecticut Green Party members, independents and supporters of Ned Lamont, the upstart Democrat who challenged Sen. Joe Lieberman in the 2006 election.

“I’m just absorbing a lot of the feedback before I make a decision,” said Nader, who appeared at the Noah Webster Library in West Hartford, where he was signing his new book, “Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”

More than 100 people turned out to hear Nader talk about his book, including some Green Party members who held signs that read, “Run Ralph Run!” The state’s Green Party has been stepping up efforts to encourage Nader to get into the race, saying this marks one of the best opportunities for the Greens to win a U.S. Senate seat.

Despite criticisms on the left as the man who got George Bush elected in 2000 and his ever-prickly attitude towards, well, just about everything, Nader remains a darling of the populist left. In a weird political climate where “the people” are all the rage, Nader’s fundamentally anti-corporate message could resonate. It doesn’t hurt that he’d be running against a sitting Democrat who is facing criticisms of corruption directly related to companies that spurred on the current financial crisis (in addition to health concerns) and a moderate Republican congressman who lost his seat in 2006 in the ever-more-blue Nutmeg state.

One things for sure, though–while conservatives will have a difficult time making heads or tails of Dobbs should he run, they’ll have no problem lashing out at Nader. Nader’s entry may even put Senator Rob Simmons on the top of some conservative’s Christmas list. Well, the NRSC can dream, anyways.

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