Shake-up for Huckabee

Mike Huckabee appeared to many to be prepping another White House run. However, one could argue that Huckabee’s newly minted celebrity status as a Fox News host and an author could very well be far too profitable and fulfilling for Huckabee to really want to deal with the headache of another presidential run. However, this past weekend he stated that he’s currently leaning against another run. From the Associated Press:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he’s leaning slightly against running for president in 2012 but says it’s far too early to say what he will do.

Huckabee says how the 2010 congressional elections turn out will affect his decision. He also will be looking at whether the Republican Party is willing to unite behind him as a candidate. Another consideration, Huckabee says, is the status of his weekly TV show on Fox News.

Given those factors, Huckabee says mounting another presidential bid is “less likely rather than more likely” at the moment.

However, that was before the news broke that a man that that Huckabee pardoned in 2000 is being sought in the slaying of four Washington State police officers. The Seattle Times has the story. (H/T

“Maurice Clemmons, the 37-year-old Tacoma man being sought for questioning in the killing of four Lakewood police officers this morning, has a long criminal record punctuated by violence, erratic behavior and concerns about his mental health.

Nine years ago, then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee granted clemency to Clemmons, commuting his lengthy prison sentence over the protestations of prosecutors.”

The fact that this is actually the SECOND clemency that has gone wrong for Huckabee (an issue that Romney used in the Iowa caucuses) does not inspire much confidence in the Governor’s judgement. Certainly oversights and poor decisions occur during the clemecy process in any state (Dukakis anyone?), but two will start a narrative that Huckabee  will find it difficult to escape from.

With bad news and good fortune, Huckabee will probably be smart to sit this one out, particularly with Palin’s backers chomping at the bit to get her in as the social conservative candidate. At any rate, one hopes that Huckabee sends his condolences to the grieving families of the police officers.

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