The Readers Speak

Ok, my loyal band of readers/people brought here by my Facebook ramblings, here’s the skinny. As someone who is currently unemployed yet trying to pick up some freelance work while returning to school, I really only have the cash/time to cover one major conservative event in the next few months. Worry not–I have some exciting plans to see what I can cover for free (or at least only the investment of mileage), but I want some input to see what’s most worth my time.

Here’s what I have it narrowed down to: CPAC 2010 or the Advance this weekend. Both events have their upsides: the Advance is sure to be an exciting affair as Republicans look back at what they did right this cycle and as the jockeying begins for 2013, while CPAC offers the same jockeying on the national stage for 2012 in addition to (hopefully) the beginning of a conservative policy resurgence.

So what most tickles your fancy? I can’t say that my decision will be completely based on the results, but it would at least give me some understanding of what subjects I dwell on here are most popular amongst my readers.

So have at it–which major event should I attend?

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