More Advance News

Another addition to the hospitality suites at the Advance. Americans for Prosperity will be in Suite J with former Senator George Allen. The suite is hosted by Delegates Brenda Pogge and Ben Cline.

Americans For Prosperity has been a unique force in Virginia politics over the past few years. One of their biggest initiatives was to get recorded subcommittee votes. They’ve also been pushing hard for a comprehensive energy policy for the state as well as a generally business friendly climate. Phil Cox, campaign manager for Bob McDonnell, is a former employee, and Tim Phillips continues to have alot of street cred. Allen was honored earlier this year at a dinner by the group, and in his speech he touched on a number of issues that became core points behind McDonnell’s platform.

This, combined with the fact that Allen’s wife is speaking at the Saturday luncheon, indicates that the Allen’s aren’t finished yet. I find it hard to believe that George Allen would ever be satisfied with the title of party elder. Might he smell blood in the water for a 2012 rematch against Jim Webb? And Cline–with Saxman out of the way (for now) Cline is increasing his already sizable presence in the 6th District as a pragmatic conservative. Observers will recall that he was Goodlatte’s Chief of Staff in the 90’s. With several terms in the House, a law degree and wife to his name, might Ben Cline be looking to the stars? If there’s a group with a ready made base to mobilize in a place like the 6th once Bob Goodlatte retires, its AFP.

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