Advance Update

Well, I’m not there, of course–but I may not be going much of anywhere today, with between 4 to 6 inches of snow forecasted for the Valley today. If I end up being home later today, I’ll try to live-blog my thoughts on the luncheon and the gala, which are being streamed via video by RPV (courtesy of help from Greg Leticeq, proprieter of BVBL). Greg hinted at bold proposals to come from Eric Cantor at the Dinner tomorrow evening, so it may well be worth your while.

What we’re hearing:

–Mark Obenshain’s suite featured only coffee and sweets and is getting a bit less attention than others (Edit: as someone who is over alcohol in politics, I find this to be a refreshing departure)

–Eric Cantor’s suite is packing them in. Other Congresscritters in attendance: Forbes, Wittman, and Goodlatte–wait a second–the whole dang delegation is there! (Edit: Forgot Wolf! Will verify if he was around) They’re all usual suspects….still waiting word on if any contenders from the 5th outside of Morton showed up

–Krystle’s post may have very little to do with the Advance, but it still makes me feel downright alright about occasionally “shopping” (read: buying Red Bull from the corner store) in flip flops and flannel pants. As long as it leads to you all enjoying this blog, I’m alright with it. I couldn’t agree more with her thesis (despite the fact that I am on the opposite end of both the gender and size spectrum from Lady Krystle)

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