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RPV Banquet

So change of plans–fried shrimp (yum yum) but I’ll still be here live-blogging Steele and Cantor’s remarks. The feed is below for those of you like me who are observing from afar The recorded video should be up now below. My comments should roughly correspond to the time into the video beginning at two minutes past seven:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Liveblog with comments about the event below.

7:02–Mullins wants this to be quick and dirty due to the weather. What a feat that will be if they get people out of there in decent time….

7:04–Brenda Pogge must be one of the luckiest pols in Virginia right now. First she’s tied in with AFP on their rise, and now the Advance is being held in her backyard

7:05–Pogge notes that Jamestown is where the free market took root in America

7:05–Mullins is already talking next year and knocking off maybe 4 (looks like Boucher is on the list now)

7:17–Incoming Delegate Dickie Bell of Staunton gave the invocation. I think we’ll quickly see him evolve into a voice of conscience in the General Assembly. I was proud to work with he and his wife, who did yeoman’s work in Staunton knocking on doors, and his new legislative aide Savanna Rutherford, who managed Steve Landes’ campaign this year.

7:18–Fife and bugle corp….interesting. Williamsburg was selected as the Advance site before the Tea Party phenomenom blew up, but its still very interesting to see the revolutionary imagery continue

7:19–Mullins heaped praise upon Steele and the RNC for their work, including the massive number of calls and an unprecedented 30 offices across the state. I was proud to be just a small part of the Victory team for a while

7:20–Kathy Hayden Terry, Jim Gilmore, and Cantor get nods from Steele. For someone who is supposedly loathed by the right, Steele certainly got a very warm welcome

7:21–Mullins noted that the speakers today have all been Virginia based with the exception of Steele. Still, as Steele noted, things got started when Cantor got a unanimous vote against Obama’s stimulus package and has continued with a near-unanimous vote on health care. Tonight the focus is shifting to national issues

7:22–Steele: “Cuccinelli was fun to hang out with”; “As a former LG I bonded with Bolling” Strange emphasis on how “fun” Cuccinelli was

7:25–Longtime observers will note that this isn’t Steele’s first Advance–he also spoke in 2005, I believe, we he was on the cusp of deciding between a Senate run and staying on with Michael Steele to run for LG. Both went down in 2006, and now Steele is still on top

7:26–Virginia was a textbook campaign, and now that we are victorious–“Don’t screw it up”

7:27–Pardon me–it was the 2004 Advance. And yes loyal fans–I specifically pulled out my “archives” (i.e. my giant box of mail pieces, newspapers, and programs from 8 years in Virginia Republican politics)

7:31–Darn–I really need to sort through this box. Box sorting or decorate my Christmas tree first?

7:32–Dinner break–for you guys and me too.

7:33–Miscellaneous: Whoever picked out these tracks for ambience did a pretty good job. Chairman Mullins just noted that turnout for today’s 8th District Senate Firehouse primary to select the party’s nominee drew out over 7,500. Jeff McWaters is the winner of that contested fight. Curious–over 1,ooo additional voters weren’t able to vote. I guess the rules aren’t the same as the State Board’s, which say if you’re in line, you vote.

7:39–They’re showing Jeanine McDonnell’s introduction from the Prince William rally. Between this, doing the anthem at the luncheon, and her endorsement of Scott Rigell in the Second, might we see her evolving as a political figure in her own right?

7:48–Little bit of a lull–eating natch. They’re sowing more of the video from the PW rally they showed during lunch

8:10–Apparently they’re having issues serving dinner, so I’ll have some idle speculation is a bit. But first-if ever there was a piece of music custom made for attack ads, it’s Yakety Sax, the theme to the Benny Hill show. You could make Albert Einstein look like a complete moron with a montage set to Yakety Sax.

8:18–Ok, we’re getting near Cantor, but John Cox’s smooth southside accent is helping. Recap: They just showed a video comparing 1993 and 1994 to 2009 and 2010. I think I spotted Joel Hensley, Matt Lohr’s LA. And a few people appeared to be wearing uber-cool buttons. Someone please tell me a) what the design is and b) if you have an extra.

8:20–Idle speculation: As I said before, its too early to handicap for 2013. But the jockeying has begun. You may recall that Ken Cuccinelli being the only AG candidate who refused to outright pledge his support for Bill Bolling in 2013, though he did say he fully expects to. However, the whispers have already begun that he may have the stronger following on the right. You may recall that when Bolling released his super-long list of endorsements late last year not everyone on State Central nor every Unit Chair was on that list–including a few from the 6th, which was a Cuccinelli stronghold and produced a few votes for Patrick Muldoon. Something to watch: how many Lincoln Day Dinners these two hit. You know they’ll be invited, along with Bob McDonnell, but I suspect McDonnell will only hit Fairfax and/or Prince William, if any.

8:28–Alright, Cantor time. Pretty rah-rah speech so far. He’s talking about Americans gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table talking about the past and their current troubles. Are the policymakers listening?, he asks.

8:30–The Obama administration, rather than being jobs first and tightening its belt, has rammed through sweeping extensions of governmental power. Anything new?

8:31–Cantor references the “bailout culture.” Carefully with that one, Mr. Whip–you voted for TARP the first time around. Big business will be just as big an enemy as big government in 2012. He and others have been fierce critics since, though

8:32–Cantor is praising America’s past financial stability. Now he’s talking right.

8:34–Virginia’s vote was directly linked to a national outcry against big government

8:43–Cantor’s speech was long on plaudits but short on specifics. Good outline of the broad issues, though

8:44–Speaker Howell is up. Focus back on Virginia as he introduces the incoming Republican class.

8:48–Gina Pardone and Tina McArthur just got some much deserved applause from the crowd. Tina is a friend of the family–she shared an apartment with my sister at UVA, and I had the political side covered over the last few years, of course. Great work, ladies.

8:51–Barbara Comstock closed the evening–she got some of the biggest applause of the evening for her upset win. Barbara did what many thought was impossible–picked up a seat inside the beltway. That’s how deep this win was, folks.

And that concludes my liveblog. Thanks again to RPV for making this little experiment possible. The feed was excellent. Also, thanks for making me feel a little less bad about my light posting schedule this weekend.

  1. December 5, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Just rolled in back to the Valley…
    Is it over or is it just the Live-feed down?

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