We Beat the Post!

Let the word go forth that I beat the Washington Post by more than an hour in reporting that the previously removed Dirty Deeds resurfaced at the RPV Advance Luncheon–and that I wasn’t nearly as uppity about it.

What?? I have a hat, and I need something to hang it on.

  1. December 7, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    I was set up next to Anita Kumar during the luncheon and she got herself into quite a foul mood there. My cameraman, not knowing who she was, pointed her out to me as “that’s a real b*tch there” after she even snapped at him because she thought he was trying to read her laptop screen over her shoulder. Like he had nothing better to do…

    According to my guy, Kumar tried to interview Ken Cuccinelli while he was eating lunch with his family and got the brush-off. I later saw her having this heated argument with Tim Murtaugh where she was shouting at him during the luncheon that it wasn’t a wise idea to restrict the press from having access to candidates. She was way over the top, and got into a really foul mood. Murtaugh wasn’t going to grovel to her, and she really seemed to take offense that people weren’t bowing down to her. She carried on for about ten minutes.

    So no wonder that she tried to take a cheap shot like she did, and I’ll wager that the “unnamed” people she talked to were actually her internal sense of wounded pride and hubris. When “Dirty Deeds” played the crowd LOVED it and it got everyone laughing. It was without a doubt the most popular video of the luncheon and one of the highlights of the event.

    But what can you expect from the Post, anyways? It’s just mildly interesting to see the back-story develop that became the story for her, as I normally don’t get to see that.

    • December 7, 2009 at 11:44 pm

      Thanks for the backstory, Greg. I would say, though, that we shouldn’t be too hard on her, as she was just doing her job as a WaPo reporter: making RPV look as bad as possible.

      Methinks that Mrs. Kumar forgot the context of the event. The Advance is designed as a rah-rah event and the ultimate party building exercise (high costs aside). While certainly media types may see the clip as bad taste (to me the bigger story was that it was there at all), the fact of the matter is that Mullins et al were playing internal politics. This was Mullins’ first Advance as chair, and the first since the debacle that was Frederick’s time on top. RPV needed to go out of its way to show that RPV has really turned a corner–and it has. The level of cooperation and help was unprecedented–at least over the past several cycles, anyways. Murtaugh did an amazing job of setting the tone of the race, particularly with the Dirty Deeds meme that kept Deeds’ negatives up (though certainly Deeds’ rudderless campaign helped quite a bit). On top of that, RPV also did an amazing job with the rest of its staff–Alex Stanley down in Southwest was shared between RPV and Victory, and Frank Puleo and Jarett Ray also did yeoman’s work in their respective territory. There was also a free flow of information between all the various camps–no hoarding of volunteers (though there’s some talk that the team mentality wasn’t in place with all the delegate races, but that’s another story). Just about the only thing people complained about were the ticket signs–and if collateral is all they’re complaining about, then you’re doing something right. RPV deserved the spotlight and made the most of it.

      For the WaPo, the mission is different: good copy is all they need. In that respect, one or two activists mentioning a video in passing will a story make. Because I’m sure they were lined up several feet deep to give Anita their thoughts on the luncheon……*rolls eyes*

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