2009: A Year in Swag

Folks, everyone here knows that I worked on Victory this year. You all also know that I am an avid collector of historical political items. So what more fitting way to close out the year than with a pictorial review of the items I picked up along the helter skelter trail, from my unemployment to coming on board to the exhillirating convention to a troubled summer to my auto wreck, all the way to a bittersweet victory. Enjoy.

Bolling and Cooch shirt with just a small sampling of the veritable Baskin Robbins that was the McDonnell bumper sticker effort

Close up with some of the locals

More coalition stickers

More locals and coalitions

Even more coalitions stickers

8x10s of the statewide candidates that hung in the Page Co booth, along with a ubiquitous Bobs for Jobs sign

Items from the convention plus the morning after the election

Close up of my credentials, plus a signed folder from Mark Moseley

Invites to inaugural festivities, plus celebratory buttons

More buttons (note that I didn’t have enough for this box, so a few ’05, ’08 and even a Chuck Smith button slipped in)

A few official buttons, some by seconday vendors and committees, and two I had commissioned myself (Maureen for First Lady and Dukes for McDonnell)

And my prized posession: a framed photo of the infamous barn next to 81 in Augusta County, signed by all the local delegates, the statewides, Congressman Goodlatte, and Michael Steele

My New Year’s wish to my former colleagues: my all of you see as much success in your new gigs as we did together as part of the Virginia Victory effort.

And to those I worked with, both staff and volunteers: It was an honor and privellege, and a fitting capstone to my professional political career.

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