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SC Debate Liveblog

Man, that was exhausting. My MacBook struggled through, but I think an update is going to be in order once I get some money flowing in…..but that could be a while (and yes, when it happens, it may even be a PC). For now, you’ll have to settle for my C-List punditry as I can do it. But right now, I didn’t win debate coverage by any stretch

10:29–Cain and Pawlenty had really canned statements, but for some reasons, Cain’s was alot more soaring. Could be something to his gift of oratory.

10:29: Santorum just pointed to DeMint, a guy who should probably be up on the stage.

10:24–Each candidate is being asked about one other candidate. TPaw on Huck, Paul on Bachmann, Cain on Romney, Santorum on Gingrich, and well, we ran out, so Johnson on Trump.

10:18–Johnson–I’m of the belief that only Republicans can solve our current economic situation. But on all the other issues, well……

10:17–Santorum: I know how to beat Democratic incumbents. Yes, and you also know how to get beaten big.

10:17–Cain is coming off this well.

10:13–Shoot, I think I just missed the most compelling part of this debate. Did Fox News make a weed joke at Johnson’s expense?

10:08–Santorum asked about “It Takes A Family” and his views on working outside the home.

10:06–Chris Wallace pulls out an ad Pawlenty made for the Environmental Defense Fund re: cap and trade. Pawlenty says he was just studying it and the study showed it was a bad idea. Booing first, though, but Pawlenty says he’s made a mistake. He says if anyone’s perfect they should be running–gets strange reaction from crowd.

10:06–Chris Wallace pretty much just announced this is the “gotcha” round–wherein they specifically ask questions that could cause problems down the line.

10:05–Did Pawlenty really want to tout his union credentials or to get away from the creationism issue?

10:03–Paul and Cain scoring well on the Unions issue, though I’m afraid their appeal will be stuck to the managerial class.

9:59–Santorum is asked about Mitch Daniel’s call for a truce on social issues, and says any candidate who calls for that doesn’t “get” America and goes on to preach

9:58–Pawlenty says he backs adult stem cell research only.

9:56–Johnson questioned on abortion–supports abortion up to viability, gets boos, explains that he opposed partial birth abortion, supported counseling….pretty much conceded pro-life vote.

9:55–Paul started with saying that government should be out of marriage completely, then says the states should have their say. Huh?

9:39–Santorum on immigration and his opposition to path to citizenship and bilingualism. Santorum points to his own roots, saying his father never taught him his native tounge because “he was an American.” Interesting take, but is that too old school for some?

9:39: Oooo, this could be fun: Immigration. Cain vs. Paul. Another tweeter was right–crap, scratch that, Cain likes Rules of Three, but he added four this time. Still, he likes lists and “pointed plans”

9:37–I’m a few minutes behind, but highlights: Ron Paul getting EVERYTHING he stands for it one answer (nonintervention, gold standard, constitutionalism), Gary Johnson complaining about being left out, Cain defending fairtax

9:23–Going back a bit, I think the opposite of what we expected is happening. Instead of Paul and Johnson ganging up on these guys, the other three are putting baby in a corner.

9:22–I think Pawlenty and Cain are pulling off the best soundbites, but the substance, I’m afraid, may be going to Santorum. Santorum defends Medicare expansion as underbudget and driven by the private sector.

9:21–Ok, NOW is Cain’s time to shine. He gets his first applause on having a real energy independence plan. Could he take the wind out of Gingrich’s sails by being the first to hit this?

9:19–Pawlenty is going for “I’m one of you” on economics. Asked about Bush Tax Cuts and why unemployment is still up, but now he’s berating the NRLB.

9:18–Moving onto economics. Johnson asked about his ideas to remove a ton of programs. Pretty rational answer, but dry.

9:18–First bit of contention with waterboarding. Cain uses the moment to say he’d protect Americans. o….k…..still dramatic, though, and that’s what counts

9:14–Mr. Baier, don’t get flustered. You should’ve known.

9:13–First real battle between candidates–Paul asked about Pawlenty’s weakness quote, says that openness is key and we should expect for others what we would.

9:12–Santorum asked about Islam in context of the Middle Eastern Spring. I was at UVA when he drew sharp criticism for a speech he made re: radical Islam. Points that we can’t leave the ideological battle in the background.

9:08–Johnson’s up. He seems alot clearer than Paul on this, and goes back to his opposition to Iraq. Says he believed in Afghanistan at first but that our mission was pretty much done in the first six months. Also opposes Libya.

9:07–Cain asked about his lack of Plan on Afghanistan. He says the mission is not clear and that we need to ask ourselves just why we’re there and how we would win. Pushed on what winning means, he goes back to saying that the Generals would be his source of decision. Spoken like a true businessman–this highlights why businessmen make weak candidates on FoPo.

9:05–Paul is asked about his troop withdrawal policy on Afghanistan. Answers that Bin Laden wasn’t even found there and now we’re still engaged in nation building there. Big applause, despite requests to do so. Still, he didn’t really answer if he would’ve continued the mission to capture Bin Laden.

9:04–Santorum says Obama’s best FoPo decisions have simply been

9:03–Ah, the classic hand raise. Cain would NOT release photos of Obama.

9:02–Starting out with FoPo. Hitting Pawlenty with q regarding his comments that Obama was weak in light of Osama killing. Pawlenty answers with Libya.

9:01–Juan Williams, Chris Wallace, and Shannon Bream are the panel. Bret Baier is the lead.

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