Off Again, On Again

I’m back!

Yeah, you’ve read that one before…..two or three times before, in fact. I have something of a love-hate relationship with blogging. Love getting my ideas out there and having a dialogue, hate the feeling that I “have” to produce and deal with fallout when there’s a line to read between (and there always is, but isn’t that the trouble with ALL forms of communication?)

But it’s true, I am getting back into the swing. For one, I have a real need to communicate. I was recently elected as one of Shenandoah County’s two directors on the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District’s Board of Directors. It may surprise some, but I really want a platform to connect directly with citizens. I’m not willing to settle for the filter of staff and the media–of course, not that I should be worrying about those things, since I have no staff and the media barely paid any attention to the election itself. But I do want to set a new standard for elected officials, regardless of what level they’re at, to move beyond the filter. They say that a gaffe happens when a politician speaks the truth (is an elected official mentioning this a gaffe in of itself? Pretty meta…..) But I want voters to know exactly what’s going on, and exactly what my decision making process is. Since I already have the blog and the address, way not do that here?

So what else am I going to write about here? Well, business as usual–whatever tickles my fancy. So expect a mix of politics, popular culture, history, and the such. There may very well be something in this mix that someone feels is a mistake to share with the public, but that’s how I operate. I was elected to be a representative of the people…and as a citizen, I have opinions of my own, and I intend to share them. I think elected officials should never tuck away their own opinions, but we’ll see how well it works when you actually share them….

Anything else? Well, my last project on the web was Shenandoah Sunshine. That project, designed to bring out more information on local government and politics here in Shenandoah County, has been on hiatus for quite sometime. I feel it was a noble effort, but I am still re-evaluating the size and scope (after all, I found out very quickly that, with a real job and no source of revenue from the project, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed, despite how desperately it may be needed).

So stay tuned, and keep coming back. I assure you I have plenty to share, and I thank you for stopping by.


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