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Virginia No-Till Alliance Conference on February 7th

As SWCD Director, I often receive notices for conferences and meetings on a wide variety of agricultural and environmental topics hosted by the commonwealth’s SWCDs and their governmental and non-profit partners (which, as I’m quickly learning, are too numerous to list here). As many of my constituents are farmers or otherwise involved in the agricultural industry, I’ll be sharing them here from time to time. I know my readers are a mix of politicos and constituents (probably the latter mostly for right now), but as I continue my service I’ll be using this platform equally to inform my constituents about the activities of the board as well as my regular writing. So without further ado:

The Virginia No-Till Alliance will be presenting a conference on no-till practices at several sites around the commonwealth in February. The closest one to Shenandoah County will be at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on February 7th, 2012 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Without going into a great deal of technical detail, no-till farming is essentially a method of crop production that does not disturb soil through a variety of practices, therefore increasing water and nutrient content in the soil and decreasing erosion. For more on the practice, this article from Wikipedia is a relatively good overview.

If you wish to attend the conference, RSVP with the Rockingham County Cooperative Extension Office by January 30th by calling 540-564-3080. For more information about what will be offered at the conference, see their brochure here. To learn more about conference speakers visit the alliance’s website here.



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