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Perriello–Not what the package described

The outcome in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District was one of the biggest surprises of last year’s elections. Perriello did the typical rural Democrat move of running as a compassionate Democrat, hoping to confuse voters on just where he stood on important issues as abortion. He even had a volunteer tithing program that encouraged his supporters to volunteer for causes other than his. A bold move, but combined with a surprisingly weak Goode campaign and strong turnout in the major cities. It should be noted the jury is still out on if Charlottesville’s student population, which may have included some individuals registered in another state in addition to the commonwealth. While Charlottesville did see a rise, it was a 3% rise parallel to the state’s own roughly 3% rise. Perhaps someone more intimately familiar with where students are registered with some time on their hands could break down the numbers. I went to UVA but never registered there, as I knew it would never be “home.”  The bottom line, though, is that Perriello squeaked by with about 800 votes while McCain was winning the district by about 2%. 

The bottom line, though, is that some individuals, fed up with Washington and seeing Goode as part of the problem, may have been comfortable enough with Perriello on social issues due to his “faith-based” campaign. Indeed, abortion is not even mentioned on the issues page for his campaign

However, one of my favorites, former Charlottesville Council Member and local radio talk host Rob Schilling (a folk hero during my time at UVA due to the fact that he was the first Republican in a decade to serve on the Council of the People’s Republic) has been watching Perriello’s statements and has found that the Congressman is to the far left on this issue. Indeed, he even made it clear during his own interview with Rob what his position was

On August 12, 2008, then candidate Tom Perriello appeared on The Schilling Show to discuss his candidacy for United States Congress. By popular demand, at the end of this post is the podcast of that interview.

During the November 2008 election, many people were duped by Tom’s “volunteer tithing” schemeand his pious proclamations of “faith.”

Although, asked several times and in several different ways during this interview, by both the host and a caller, Tom Perriello was unable to come up with any instance under which abortion should be legally limited.

It should be pointed out that both Rob and Tom are practicing Catholics, and as such are in a very unique position to discuss this issue.

Rob also cites several other sources, but the post is a must read. With the district being more purple than we thought, this will certainly be a battleground in 2010, particularly without Obama at the top of the ticket.

Obama Not Uniting on Abortion

February 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Gallup has found that while Obama is earning high public approval on most of his early policies, one move is not seeing much public support. From Mark D. Harris:

Gallup just finished polling on some of Obama’s initial decisions and there is a seriously weak link in his armor: abortion. Only 35% of Americans approve of his decision to revoke the Mexico City policy banning taxpayer funding for abortion supporting organizations abroad. 58% of Americans disapprove of the decision. That -23% split is tremendous and one that Republicans should talk about, because almost regardless of what ones view on abortion only the most hard pro-chocie people support taxpayer dollars going to the organizations.

This is one of those perfect issues that lies at the intersection of social and fiscal conservatism. The United States does not have any responsibility to pay for family planning services for the citizens of other nations. Just another instance of how greatly our government has expanded with very few people noticing.

Simply Powerful

January 30, 2009 Leave a comment

I have never seen a more elegant message about the potential of every unborn life. Too often pro-life supporters venture into the grotesque to get their point across. Here the point is crystal clear but simple: regardless of the circumstances, each life has great potential and is thus precious and worthy of the highest order of protection.

This ad was slated to air during the Super Bowl, but NBC refused, as was within their right. However, we still have the internet. Spread this far and wide. 

Political Vandalism at GWU

January 29, 2009 1 comment

From the campus of George Washington University in Washington, DC, word that a College Democrat has been engaged in less than respectful opposition to his opponent’s message. From the Hatchet:


A number of crosses used by the Young America’s Foundation during a anti-abortion event last week were desecrated and left in a Marvin Center office, and a member of the College Democrats has taken responsibility.

Members of the College Republicans found the crosses on Monday morning scattered around the office they share with the College Democrats. One was pinned upside down on a bulletin board and draped with a condom, another featured a drawing of Jesus along with the words “pwned” and “lol,” and others were emblazoned with words like “Darwin” and “Amelia West,” the vice president of the CDs.

A CD statement Thursday morning said a member of their organization had stepped forward and apologized for the vandalism. The perpetrator was not named.

Surely there must have been more civil and respectful ways of showing opposition to the message of YAF? Kudos to the College Democrats for distancing themselves from the individual members and apologizing on their behalf.

Pro-Life Democrats=Dinosaurs

January 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Today the Senate voted on an Amendment that would have overturned President Obama’s recent decision to overturn the Mexico City policy. For the uninitiated, the Mexico City policy prohibits taxpayer money from being used to fund groups that perform or recommend abortions overseas. The vote was largely along party lines, with the remaining Northeastern Republicans (and Lisa Murkowski) voting against the amendment and only one Dem voting for it. With the Senate in Democratic hands, the outcome was largely expected.

So why is it important? Because at least one of the “nay” voters actively campaigned as a pro-life Democrat against an extremely pro-life Republican. From RedState, discussion of the fallacy of the pro-life Democrat:

Bob Casey Jr. ran for the Senate seat he currently occupies as an ostensible pro-lifer, just like his dearly-departed and still popular father. Sadly, judging by the election results, many pro-life voters in Pennsylvania believed his rhetoric. Today, Bob Casey Jr. voted against the Mexico City policy on the floor of the Senate, indicating clearly that he is not only pro-abortion, he is pro-government funding of abortion. It’s a helpful reminder, for the 1,000th time, that the “pro-life Democrat” really is a mythical creature, at least in the Senate and the White House.

It seems like every election season, this lesson is forgotten, no matter how many times the Democrats drive it home. To express this axiom somewhat mathematically, as a Democratic politician’s career rises towards President, the probability that he will actually vote pro-life approaches zero. Many prominent Democratic politicians (Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Dick Gephardt) really do begin life as pro-lifers, but by the time they reach the Senate (and definitely by the time they run for President), they are invariably ardent pro-abortionists with their votes (even if, like Harry Reid, they prefer to say in public that they are pro-life). As we move forward in time from the date when the question of abortion was forcibly removed from the democratic process by the Supreme Court, the Democratic party has ever more successfully enforced pro-abortion orthodoxy upon those who hold offices involved with the selection of Supreme Court justices – i.e., Presidents and Senators.

It should be noted that Ben Nelson of Nebraska did support the amendment. Still, I can’t see how anyone could fathom to call themselves pro-life when they would support a policy that doesn’t just assert the right of a woman to get an abortion but allows taxpayer dollars to be used for them overseas. This outcome proves once again that the Democratic Party is institutionally pro-abortion, even more so than the Republican Party is pro-life.

First things first: Obama reverses abortion policies

January 23, 2009 2 comments

A day after President Obama issued a statement in support of abortion rights while thousands his fellow citizens rallied for the pro-life position just miles away, the President lifted a ban on funding for international groups that perform or promote abortions. From FoxNews:

The move, long expected in the Democratic president’s first week in office, will be welcomed by liberals and criticized by abortion rights foes.

The so-called Mexico City policy requires any non-governmental organization to agree before receiving U.S. funds that they will “neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.”

It is also known as the “global gag rule,” because it prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that even talk about abortion if there is an unplanned pregnancy.

The policy was first instituted by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and continued by President George H.W. Bush. The policy was reversed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, and re-instated by President George W. Bush in 2001.

President Obama has promised to blaze a new path forward on many issues, but he is quickly making it clear (as he did during the campaign) that he is a rank and file social liberal. Social conservatives will react accordingly. Regardless of Obama’s victory, I think we will see that America remains a divided nation on many of these issues. 

And the culture wars rage on.

Christendom at the forefront

January 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Christendom is a small local Catholic college that really isn’t on the radar of many people, including people who have spent their entire lives in the valley. However, for today at least the college is in the limelight. First of all, the college will be carrying the lead banner at the March for Life this weekend in Washington. From

The March for Life is held in Washington every year to mark the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

The Student Activities Council will provide chartered buses for Christendom students.

Christendom College faculty and students have attended the March for Life every year since the college’s founding more than 30 years ago. This is the third time Christendom College will carry the lead banner for the march, having led it before in 1984 and 1998.

The college has also found itself atop the list of America’s top conservative college. From

The Young America’s Foundation assesses programs of study at higher education institutions, ranking them based on efforts to develop conservative values in students.

Christendom, a four-year school with undergraduate and graduate programs, is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. The main campus is in Front Royal, but the school also has locations in Alexandria and Rome.

The top 10 list, now in its fifth year, also includes Lynchburg’s Liberty University.